Welcome to the online home of Harmony Joyride Productions, a Chicago based multimedia production company commited to providing creative video, film and web production solutions to suit the unique needs of each of our clients. With each new project we strive to combine professionalism and excellence in a little something we like to call profexcellence.

? Nah, couldn't be. Turns out Ozark Cousins is showing September 25, 26, 27 at the Naperville Film Festival. If you've never seen the world's only album-length Midwestern Spaghetti Western music video set in Chicago, now's your chance! It's nominated for some secret award(s?), and it's on a big screen. Boy, howdy!

Busy days have kept us hopping. Check out our latest edited creation for the Keep A Breast Foundation . You can enjoy it whether you have, or merely favor breasts.

Since we got sick of them filling up our storage space in the basement, All This Murky Green is now available through FilmBaby.com. Coming soon on that site, a downloadable movie option, for those of you who like your movies all digital. In the meantime, don't snooze. We'll soon have more nooze.

HJP is in pre-production for a new comedic sci-fi web series. Actors between the ages of 6 and 60 are sought to fill out an ambitious project that threatens to take over the entire world wide web o' net. If interested, please send a head shot and resume to casting@harmonyjoyride.com In addition, please provide a brief description of yourself, what you ate (or are planning to eat) for lunch today, and your favorite movie that has a dog as one of the main characters. This is an excellent opportunity to work with a fantastic team of talented and handsome video producers.

Coming up this Friday the 14th at 7pm, the rough cut edition of Jake Jarvi's Green's Nursery: Winter Wasteland will screen at the Lake County Film Fest Early Acceptance Shorts at College of Lake County in Grayslake, IL. We blew it when it came to announcing the screening of the first installment, Green's Nursery: Fall Free for All at the Music Box back in July, so get your butts to this one! We had a fun time making it, and you will have a fun time watching it. Word.

After months of riding and roping, Ozark Cousins, the movie named after the album, named after the band, will have its world premiere on August 25h at 9pm! Can I get a "hells yeah!"? OK, a howdy will do. The flick is showing at Elegant Mr. Gallery in Chicago. The night is BYOB. Since it's a cowboy movie that also stands for "Bring Your Own Boots."

Harmony Joyride shorts can now be found on The Youtube.

Craig Benzine, the weird uncle of the Harmony Joyride family, has started a rip-roaringly funny video blog called the Wheezy Waiter. I would even go as far as to call it side-splitting. Check it out! In other news, Ozark Cousins is coming along nicely - expect a mid August release. That's all I got for now. Maybe there will be another news post in a few days. Wouldn't that be a hoot!

Late is usually the way we announce things. That being said, Brad "James" Heck's photography could recently be seen in Chicago during screenings of Guy Maddin's Brand Upon the Brain! at the Music Box Theatre, and at the Siskel Film Center during a return engagment of Masahiro Sugano's all-Chicago feature, Second Moon. Both good films. Please, don't tell me you missed them. More news soon?

For those of you in the Chicago area, Disappearances, starring Kris Kristofferson as a crusty, old bootlegger, is playing this week at the Siskel Film Center. If you live elsewhere, check out the flick's tour dates at the Disappearances movie site. Brad "James" Heck served as the 2nd Unit DP, and his work looks as good as sharp Vermont cheddar.

Greetings Joyfans. We've (that's the collective "We") been busy working on several projects with friends and fellow Joyriders. You can find more at the website for
Ozark Cousins and the Green's Nursery series online. Just follow the links. More soon, or later.

Yep, we're famous... in Iowa. If you live in the Iowa City/Coralville area, you may have seen All This Murky Green on
PATV-18. We're proud to be on the same airwaves as legendary TV/music hero, Guitar Tom. Thanks to Webman Hans for putting us on the air.

Sadly, we're back down to one moustache in the Harmony Joyhouse. The moustache rush was inevitably short-lived. It is a sad day. More Roadshow info in the not too distant future.

You're going to say "whoa," because we've finally joined myspace. Visit us and be our 'online friend' at
myspace.com/harmonyjoyrideproductions More news soon...

Thanks to everyone who came out to make HJP's first Cheap Thrills Roadshow such a success! We had a great time in Iowa City, and we hope to do it again soon. A BIG BIG Thanks goes to Trevor, Tom, Marty and everyone at The Mill for being such fine hosts and downright cool people. A Special Thanks to David Zollo, Amos Zollo and Billy Valencia for rocking the living daylights out of the assembled crowd. You can post your comments about the show here on our

HJP is hitting the road again. This Sunday, July 16 we'll host the inaugural Harmony Joyride Productions: Cheap Thrills Roadshow at The Mill in Iowa City! The program will include works by HJP, Tad Davis, Jake Jarvi, Dan Opsal and more. We even talked
Dave Zollo into coming out to play. If you're in or near Iowa City, it'd do you good to come out. For the love of God, at least think of the children!
There's more about the HJP Cheap Thrills Roadshow

Harmony Joyride Productions is now accepting submissions for a traveling film festival and music revue slated to stop in cities across the country. Film and video makers are encouraged to submit short pieces of 10 minutes or less for inclusion in a traveling video, film and music tour that begins in July. Touring bands are encouraged to submit materials as well. To be considered for the first screening in Iowa City on July 16, submissions in DVD, VHS or MiniDV format should arrive at Harmony Joyride HQ by July 10. Submissions received after the 10th of July will be considered for future screenings. For details on the roadshow project or for where to send submissions, email
harmony@harmonyjoyride.com Word.

No, no. We're not asleep at the wheel. We're busy. Honest. Stay tuned for more production updates. Oh, and screenings are in the works. One way or another we're gonna rock your casbah this summer, if you know what I mean.

We've been interviewing and taping the fine citizens of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for this year's attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the world's largest Bunny Hop! Today is the big day. For email updates on the Bunny Hop Documentary, visit our Bunny Hop page.Email and page updates are coming soon. Now put on your bunny ears and let's break a record!

This weekend is the big Cedar Rapids Film Fest, and to celebrate we've kicked off production on our next project. This time out, we're documenting Lake Geneva, Wisconsin's attempt to enter the record books with the World's Largest Bunny Hop. You can find more info at
www.lakegenevawi.com It'll hop right into your hearts. We swear.

In anticipation of our upcoming Iowa premiere, we've reposted Throw Shoes at Stu in our arcade section. Don't stay up all night playing. Half the night would be O.K.

Looks like ATMG is screening twice on Saturday, April 8 at the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival. Click
here to see a schedule. For more information on the fest, check out Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival. Be there, or we'll sic the bear on you.

All This Murky Green has been chosen as an official selection at the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival. ATMG will be shown twice over the April 7 and 8th weekend at the Collins Road Theatres in beautiful Marion, Iowa. More news once the official schedule for the Fest is available.

The 3rd annual Lake County Film Festival is this coming weekend, March 2-6. If you're in or near Lake County, IL, then you should definitely check the fest out. Schedules, movies and more can be found at www.lakecountyfilmfest.com.

We're laying down music for "TAD" and there's some pretty exciting stuff going down on the soundtrack front. How exciting? Imagine winning three triple-dipple chocolate ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles that are each a mile high. That's how exciting. In fact, after talking things over with our legal department, we may even offer a soundtrack CD at some point. Now how's that for living high on the hog?

It's probably professional suicide, but Hammertime can now be viewed in webovision. Let this be a lesson to all of you Huey Lewis fans out there.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions about the new website. Keep 'em coming! A fresh cut of The Amazing Dwight is done and we're knee-deep in ADR and foley work, which we record stealthily... like ninjas.

Our brand-spanking new site is up and (almost) fully functional! Go on and nose around, and be sure to drop us a line at harmony@harmonyjoyride.com and let us know what you think.

If post-production on The Amazing Dwight were a bag of microwave popcorn, it'd be popping so fast and furious that you'd think your microwave would explode! We will soon have another light, rich and buttery comedy for all to enjoy. Oh, and it's most definitely salted.

New site design coming soon to a browser near you!

-NEW SCREENING!!- All this Murky Green is going to be shown on 7:00 pm Sunday, November 20th at the Pioneer Theatre in New York City! Click here to purchase tickets online.

Harmony Joyride Productions is launching the pre-production phaze of our new short movie - "The Amazing Dwight" which is sure to be a lot shorter than "All This Murky Green". We don't have an exact shooting schedule yet, but if anybody is interested in helping please send an email to harmony@harmonyjoyride.com along with a resume, head shot, list of turn-ons, etc... We will most likely be shooting over Oct. 21st - 24th and Oct 28th - 31st, so mark your calendars.

There will be a PRIVATE screening of "All This Murky Green" on Thursday, August 18th at WTTW in Chicago.
Its PRIVATE which means that YOU can't go. HOWEVER more people will be seeing our movie which is a good thing. We might even sell a DVD. Also harmonyjoyride.com will be getting a slick, "professional" makeover in the next couple of months. Prepare yourselves.

Last Sunday at 12:00pm All This Murky Green had its theatrical debut in the historic Highland Park Theatre in Highland Park, Illinois and it was awesome. About 250 people came down to the show and they all laughed their asses off. Why didn't you come to the show? Everyone else was there. But hey, don't worry. If you feel bad about missing the premiere you can always order a copy of the DVD by clicking this link: http://harmonyjoyride. com/merch/ATMGDVD.html

So much for weekly updates. Whatever. Good news!! We made it into google finally!! Yes!! Go ahead, try it out - just type in "Harmony Joyride Productions" and look who's right on the top of the list. Well, the HJP professional site is at least, but hey it's a start. Movie Update Time! All This Murky Green is DONE!! Yes, its actually completely finished with bonus features and everything. So if you can't make it to the exciting premiere be sure to pick up a copy of the DVD which should be up for sale on the website very very soon. Oh yeah, and apparently our president was lying about that whole Iraq having weapons thing. whodathunk? http://downingstreetmemo.com

I got the forum working again! Yes! All you forum junkies are now free to post to your heart's content. Don't have anything to talk about? I'll give you a topic: Which thumb logo is better - the "3D" one on the portal page or the older one in the forum? Also I think we're done sending out pre-release versions of "All This Murky Green", so those of you who want to see it either gotta come to the premiere or wait for the DVD (guaranteed to be chock full of sweet bonus features). That's all I got for now, happy holidays!

Sup y'all - I figured I should probably post an update here for the two people that actually come to this site. Nothing much to report at the moment. I just finished editing All This Murky Green version 5 which means that the movie is basically done with the exception of some crunching and screaming noises. I'm gonna try to make an effort to update this on a weekly basis ("try to make an effort" - now that's dedication!). Is the forum down or is it just me? Oh, if anyone wants to check out a movie I made in two days click here. This movie was part of Wis-Kino's 48 film challege where you have 48 hours to make a movie that incorporates a certain "secret ingredient". This time the ingredient was "Twist". So check it out, and keep in mind that I only had two days to make this. Oh yeah, don't forget to do your taxes.

PREMIERE NEWS!!! The official date of the big Premiere of "All This Murky Green" will be Sunday June 5th at the Highland Park Theatre. We're giving ourselves plenty of time now, so we shouldn't have to push this date back any further. Suggested donation will be five bucks (a small price to pay for quality entertainment). We'll also be selling fabulous merchandise such as T-Shirts, DVDs with sweet extra features, signed photos of myself and Tim Ferrin and Harmony Joyride "stock". Stay tuned for show times. Ooh, also there's gonna be a sweet party later. So mark your calendars and call your friends (if you have any).

All This Murky Green version 4.0 is finished and will be released tomorrow. If anyone's interested in being a test viewer and getting a sneak peak at our masterpiece, just send an email to megajug@harmonyjoyride.com and I'll send you a copy. In addition to a DVD of the movie, you will also receive a survey that you will be required to fill out absolutely free of charge! Now instead of telling you all that the premiere is going to be in March and then later pushing it back to April we've decided to have our big premiere and Harmony Joyride Spring megabash sometime in mid to late May. Check back later for specific dates and times.

Boohyeah! Check out the project archive page or click here to view the "theatrical" trailer for "All this Murky Green". Also editing is going well, just filling in the blanks right now. Stay tuned for the ATMG beta release - in a week? That might be a little bit of a stretch, but it will be ready soon.

Yes! Progress! After months of turmoil and frustration All This Murky Green version 3.0 is finished and is currently in review by the production staff. Although this does not have an immediate impact on most of you, it is a sign that our masterpiece is nearly complete and ready for test audiences. Not quite sure when we're gonna have the big premiere - I've decided to stop making promises that I can't keep. HOWEVER we should be ready with a trailer within a week or so - stay tuned for more updates.

Well its mid December and still no premiere. Sorry. I'm not gonna lie to you all, editing has not been going very well. We've had some major hold ups that we're still trying to work around. It's gonna get done, make no mistake - just not until January probably. But don't worry - both Tim and I have agreed that our New Year's resolutions will be to finish the movie and make it really good.

In case you all haven't been paying attention our entire country just collectively shit its pants today. Editing's going ok, Alaska is stupid, expect a premiere by mid December. I'm going to go crawl into a hole for the next four years.

Big news! All this Murky Green version 2.1 has been completed and shipped to Alaska! This is by no means the final cut of the project, but things are proceeding quite nicely. Special thanks goes out to Jon Wohl for putting school work second to writing music for the movie. Other bands featured in the soundtrack so far: The Wrens, Grand Buffet, The Hat Party, and of course Driftless Pony Club. Stay tuned for All this Murky Green version 3.0.

Driftless Pony Club has graciously allowed us to use one of their songs for the movie, so if nothing else we should have a killer soundtrack. They've also been kind enough to link to us from their website (http://www.driftlessponyclub.com). Thanks guys, your generosity will not be forgotten, unless we're too drunk. Speaking of which, if anyone's in the Madison area on Sept 18th they should check out the Driftless Pony Club at the Slipper Club - hopefully we'll see some of that same professionalism and musical excellence featured at their basement party performance.

It's been a month. Not much has happened, until now... Even though no one ever visits this web site they now have a reason to keep coming back. The reason: "Throw Shoes at Stu!" - the FIRST ever Harmony Joyride Productions/"All this Murky Green" mediocre flash game. I suggest you all check it out - it's actually kind of fun. Just click on my head - it now links to the games page. Also editing is going ok. Hopefully Jon Wohl will have some music for us soon hopefully.

Guess what? C'mon, guess!! Wrong! The correct answer is Justin Peters is putting together Allthismurkygreen.com and it should be up and running very soon. Don't feel like typing in that whole thing? Thas cool, just click on the "more" link on the bottom of this page.

Not only have we finished auditions, but we've also shot and have thrown together a rough cut of the movie. Thanks to the steller cast and hard working crew for their efforts! You guys are awesome!! Stay tuned for more updates.

Where: Lake Forest High School
When: June 18th and 19th 12:00pm - 5:00pm
How: Train or Car and mapquest
Why: Because we need a cast for this quicky, hilarious workplace comedy
Who: Talented and ambitious actors and actresses who have transportation to the Northern suburbs and are willing to work for food and a copy of the movie when its done and maybe pie.

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